Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stop Give Me a Break has been published.

My very first app has been published on Google's Play Store.  What does it do, well here's the pitch, let me know what you think.

Need a time out, a break from everything, even just for one minute.  "Stop Give Me a Break" can give you just that. 

Select how long you want to break, push the red button, and the break is yours.  It is that simple.

"Stop Give Me A Break" doesn't do anything you can't do yourself.  I

f you want really a break from all the noise, from the texts, emails and calls, you can just turn your phone off.

You can do that for free.

What you get when you buy "Stop Give Me A Break", or what you a giving yourself, is a commitment to yourself to take a break from time to time.

The only decision you need to make is when and how long.